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COVID-19 information

Guidelines for the FEX21 exhibitors

[Status: May 2021 | last changes on 31.05.2021]

We are aware that you as an exhibitor have many questions around the safety of your employees and visitors. 

Since the beginning of the Franchise Expo Frankfurt in 2018, we have been in regular communication with the Exhibition Center Frankfurt to ensure the safety of all FEX participants.
This communication has intensified greatly since the first appearance of the COVID-19 regulations and will continue.

We have now summarized some guidelines and recommendations for you to ensure a safe participation at FEX21. 

For more than a year, we have been working with Messe Frankfurt to create conditions for a successful FEX21 with the COVID-19 regulations.

These measures will be adapted, if necessary, in coordination with the Exhibition Center Frankfurt and the relevant authorities.

On the fairgrounds, the organizer is responsible, in close coordination and with the involvement of the Exhibition Center Frankfurt as the fairgrounds operator, for the implementation of and conscientious compliance with the protection and hygiene regulations in force at the time of the event.

On the exhibition stand, responsibility for the implementation of and conscientious compliance with the safety and hygiene regulations in force at the time of the event rests with you as the exhibitor, comparable to compliance with occupational safety laws or fire protection. Please take these factors into account in your expo planning! 

In addition, the general and special "Technical Guidelines" for the event remain valid. 

In the following, we have summarized the currently valid COVID-19 guidelines based on the applicable ordinances of the State of Hesse (in particular the "Corona Contact and Operating Restrictions Ordinance") and the specifications of the health authorities of the City of Frankfurt am Main. 
However, we expect that some of these guidelines will be eased again by November and may no longer be necessary for the FEX21.

We kindly ask our international exhibitors to inform themselves in due time about the applicable travel regulations to/from Germany at the time of FEX21 and to take them into account:

Federal Ministry of Health

Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community


We all do what we can to ensure the safety of all participants of the FEX21. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the regulations, please contact us!

Booth construction


1.5m minimum distance between all persons

  • To be able to maintain the minimum distance in all your booth activities, plan your booth accordingly with free/generous space.
  • In meeting areas or stand areas with personal contact, you must take into account the appropriate distances between (seating) places. 
  • Make sure that counters, screens or similar are not placed at the edge of the stand so that visitors can avoid lingering along the aisle. The minimum distance must also be observed here.
  • Only so many people may be on the booth at the same time so that the minimum distances are maintained at all times.
  • For larger booths, it is advisable to plan defined entrances and exits and to mark them at the stand. 
  • The wearing of mouth and nose protection is obligatory despite these measures.

Approval and stand construction

  • Please contact your booth constructor as early as possible regarding applicable guidelines and include them in your booth construction.
  • In addition, please allow sufficient/additional time for your booth setup/dismantling to comply with applicable spacing and hygiene regulations.
  • Please note that infection control on your booth is your responsibility! 

Hygiene measures at the booth

Compliance with the applicable, general hygiene regulations, such as refraining from physical contact and shaking hands, is mandatory!

  • Please provide sufficient and easily accessible disinfectants for your visitors and your staff. Appropriate products, including hangers, can be ordered from the booth equipment team of the Exhibition Center Frankfurt .
  • Please clean and disinfect highly frequented contact surfaces at regular intervals and after each visitor contact.
  • Each stand requires a main contact person for hygiene inquiries from your company. Please leave the respective contact data at your stand.
  • Your hygiene measures must be available at your stand in German and English and must be presented on request.
  • We will provide you with concrete handouts on this topic, including a checklist as a template, in due time before the event.
  • All your employees who are in charge of your booth during FEX21, who set up your booth or similar, must be instructed on your hygiene measures in the sense of workplace safety and hygiene.
  • The authorities may require the daily attendance of your staff and, if necessary, external service companies, such as booth constructors or suchlike. For this reason, please document all their presence at your stand.

Catering and events at the booth

  • (Product) demonstrations may only be held in compliance with the minimum distance. In order to avoid a crowd of people at the aisle, these may not take place directly at the booth boundary.
  • Booth parties or comparable activities are unfortunately not permitted at present.

Gastronomic offerings are subject to strict regulations, which are laid down in the Corona Protection Ordinance of the State of Hesse and the HACCP Guideline. Exhibition Center Frankfurt - Accente Gastronomie Service GmbH will ensure compliance with these regulations. If you commission external catering companies, you are responsible for compliance with the regulations. External catering companies are subject to approval!

  • Food and beverages can be offered pre-portioned and sealed.
  • Open food should only be served by trained catering staff.
  • For open food, an appropriate acrylic protective screen is also required.
  • Beverages are best served in closed jars or served via glass/cup portions by service personnel.
  • Self-service is not permitted unless food is individually wrapped.
  • Mouth/nose protection (OP, KN 95 or FFP2 mask) and compliance with distance and hygiene regulations are required.