fex-icon-info-small.png Note: Each ticket needs its own e-mail address.

Due to the current COVID-19 regulations it is currently only possible to purchase one ticket/person.
If you need more than one ticket, we kindly ask you to repeat the registration process or ticket purchase with the data of the additional visitors.

The online ticket purchase is free of charge with a promocode.
You are also welcome to buy without a promocode (€ 20,00).

You will receive a promocode from your exhibitor or from our marketing campaigns.

By redeeming the promocode you will not incur any fees.



fex-icon-info-small.png Important note

During FRANCHISE EXPO21, filming and photography will take place on the days of the fair. These recordings are associated with the pictorial representation of persons present, whereby the selection of persons is random. 

By participating in FRANCHISE EXPO21, you agree to the free publication of the aforementioned manner, without the need for an explicit declaration by the person concerned or his or her legal guardian.

If the person concerned or his or her legal guardian does not agree to the publication of his or her person in individual cases, we request that the camera be deactivated during various live presentations.

The attempted sale of services or products to exhibitors is prohibited.

The trade fair visitor agrees to accept this.