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“FranchiseERFOLGE” is a magazine for people interested in franchises. It is targeted at FRANCHISE start-ups and potential franchisees and so responds to the important role of franchising in company start-ups and in safeguarding jobs and companies. Franchising promotes independence and offers new opportunities for SMEs. This makes the subject a must for UNTERNEHMERVERLAG, which devotes the magazine exclusively to the franchise industry.

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Franchise Portal: the Virtual Franchise Fair covers a wide range of proven commercial franchising ideas for self-employment.The portal is known throughout the German-speaking part of Europe. The Virtual Franchise Fair covers some 300 exhibitors and detailed information provides founders and franchise system operators with fundamental knowledge and the latest news.

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Deutsche Unternehmerbörse

Deutsche Unternehmerbörse is the online portal for business succession and franchising. On companies find new owners and founders start their career as entrepreneurs, be it via buying a company or becoming a franchisee. Our magazine, DUB UNTERNEHMER has the largest circulation in Germany and has a special focus on digitisation.

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Founded in 2010, Für-Grü has established itself as a leading platform in Germany for startups, entrepreneurs and all those, who aim to become their own boss. Für-Grü has actively supported thousands of enthusiastic entrepreneurs to set up their own company by providing relevant information, giving access to a valuable network and by creating digital tools like "Unternehmerheld" that enhance the process of setting up businesses. Für-Grü also provides a franchise directory which brings interested founders and franchisors together. 

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Franchise Direct

Franchise Direct/McGarry Internet Ltd was founded in 1998 and is among the pioneers of internet lead generation for the franchise industry. With over 18 years of online marketing experience, Franchise Direct has grown to become the world's biggest network of online portals for franchise and business opportunities.

Our goal is to provide a reliable, authoritative platform where entrepreneurs can connect with franchisors seeking investors. In support of this objective, our mission is to be the leading online resource for franchise opportunities and the knowledge center of choice for anyone seeking information on the franchise industry.

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Punkt Franchise

"Independent & successful" - this is the motto of the new franchise platform Punkt Franchise, which brings franchisors and potential franchisees into contact. The platform works like a virtual trade fair, keeps founders up to date on franchise news and provides important know-how about franchising and stting up business. The franchises and business ideas on Punkt Franchise are versatile and users can not only find established concepts but also niche brands.

Punkt Franchise belongs to the international group Infopro Digital (IPD), which is France's leading B2B media group. IPD has more than 16 years of experience in lead generation and the group's strong brand portfolio includes for example Toute-La Franchise, the #1 franchise platform on the French market. In 2017 the enterprise launched Point Franchise in Great Britain and Punkt Franchise in the German-speaking market.

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Global Franchise magazine

Global Franchise magazine is the only journal dedicated wholly to international franchising. Designed to be read by franchisors, master franchisees and regional developers, it is a respected resource of essential information for brand owners intending to expand overseas – and a shop window of opportunities for would-be master franchisees looking to buy into the perfect brand. Drawing on the expertise of people well-established in the world of franchising, Global Franchise's unique system of distribution in first and business class airline lounges around the world (as well as at the major franchise expos worldwide) ensures that each copy is read by a targeted audience.

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The igenda trade journal is the printed product of igenda, the company for business and network evaluations. If you are looking for best practices, red-hot research discoveries, or expert contributions – in the igenda trade journal you will find everything you need to know concerning modern work practices in corporate networks. The trade journal addresses professionals and executives alike while also targeting networking partners and all those, that want to become one.

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As a periodical, GründerMagazin accompanies company founders into the start-up phase and looks after young entrepreneurs and start-ups with useful informations during the first three to four business years. GründerMagazin is dedicated to all topics of modern entrepreneurship with great power of implementation. The presentation of management problems, opportunities and solutions and entrepreneurial fates from practice makes GründerMagazin a magazine with concrete usable informations for the real entrepreneur everyday life and the investment planning in the first years.

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Frankfurter Allgemeine Metropol

Every two months, the business magazine "Frankfurter Allgemeine Metropol" deals with current developments in the corporate world and economic policy in the Frankfurt / Rhine-Main region. The main topics are economic policy news, practical insights into companies, entrepreneur portraits as well as lifestyle and service topics. Thus, "Frankfurter Allgemeine Metropol" offers decision-makers of the region information and background knowledge as well as service and inspiration.The editorial office of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung bears the editorial responsibility and guarantees the highest journalistic quality at the level of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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